The closer I get to graduation, the more I contemplate whether or not I went into the right field of study

I think I’ve reach the point in my relationship where I’m just complacent. Things are routine, and maybe I like the idea of being in a relationship more than being in the relationship. Where I am in love with the stability the relationship brings, more than the person. I hope I am just over thinking things.

My trip to Hogsmeade and first taste of butterbeer!

I love doing my nails :$


i love this.

54/365: went to an amazing party for my friend Angelo’s birthday. Taboo, beer pong, late talks, and Polaroids. The best.

53/365: part 2, Paul gave me the instax fujifilm 210 after I have been lusting for an instant camera for soooo long! It’s an amaging camera, I love it

53/365: part one, spam of cute photos of me and Paul on our 2year anniversary hehe :$

51/365: I literally spent today playing pixel people and Mandora two new apps I downloaded that will probably consume all my “free time”

50/365: how can you say no to $0.99 china glaze?? Oh, you don’t! Got this beauty at tbbs went window shopping with Paul and had wings with Mickey, dill, and carm! So fun :D